• Period: December 2020 – May 2021
  • Objectives:

    To ensure the strengthening of sustainable and resilient inclusive communities through women empowerment, inclusively by way of conducting capacity and needs assessment of women and men agri-producers and women headed households, and that of implementing a capacity development programme.

  • Financed by: UNDP with the financial support of the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA)
  • Beneficiaries: Women and men entrepreneurs, and women headed households in 4 districts (Nisporeni, Calarasi, Basarabeasca, Leova), ATU Gagauzia, Security Zone and Transnistria region

ResComWomEmp project is to support the target areas to boost their socio-economic development with a focus on women’s economic, social and educational empowerment, and to promote the environmental sustainability at the community level. To achieve these goals, the ResComWomEmp project aims, among others, to support women-headed households to pilot environment-friendly and climate change resilient practices in agriculture and other areas aligned with their economic and social needs.

Namely, the following measures / activities are provided by this project: 1) to conduct the Capacity and Needs Assessment for women and men entrepreneurs, and women headed households in 4 districts (Nisporeni, Calarasi, Basarabeasca, Leova) ATU Gagauzia, Security Zone and Transnistria region; 2) to develop knowledge products (at least 6) for advancing climate-resilient livelihoods to increase agricultural productivity and incomes of small-scale agri-producers through secure and equal access to productive resources; 3) to design a Capacity Development Programme for women headed households and women and men entrepreneurs based on the identified capacity gaps and needs; 4) to implement the Capacity Development Programme covering at least 120 women and 25 men entrepreneurs, as well as 600 women headed households from target districts/regions.

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